The Yoshimi dining chair may not be part of the chair program, but that doesn’t make it any less intriguing. Because ooh-la-la, what a luxurious chair it is! The model is characterized by a spacious seat and armrests that appear to be draped over the frame. This creates a playful and eye-catching effect. The frame on which the seat rests seems straightforward at first. But even here, you’ll find a surprising detail at the back: the frame is conspicuously exposed, emphasizing its supporting function. This gives the chair a very calm appearance.


The Yoshimi chair is upholstered with a thick bouclé fabric. This fabric is woven in loops, creating a lively texture on the upholstery. The Yoshimi is available in two colors: Black and Gray, which can be nicely combined. The metal frame has a matte black powder coating. Due to the calm and timeless appearance of the Yoshimi chair, it fits well in various interior styles. From mid-century to minimalist, Yoshimi stands out!

Please note, this chair is not sold under any of our brands. If you wish to offer it online, please use your own model and brand name.

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Black, Grey



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Black, Grey


The Yoshimi dining chair features luxury with a spacious seat, draped armrests, and exposed back frame, upholstered in thick bouclé in Black and Gray. Its timeless design suits various styles.