The Varaa 140cm Round Dining Table by EchoEcho

We proudly present the fusion of contemporary design and functional appeal with our Varaa 140cm round dining table by EchoEcho. Its round shape encourages conversation and connection. The absence of sharp corners allows for flexible seating and can make smaller spaces feel larger. Coupled with the robust GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) construction, this table promises durability and ease of maintenance. The table’s charming ivory hue is the result of natural grey and white cement, which is sealed with a water-based solution and paraffin wax to protect and enhance its organic allure. A perfect fit for modern dining spaces seeking both style and stability, the Varaa round table is designed to bring people together in a comfortable and inviting environment.

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Vaaraa Dining Table – Round (140cm)

Introducing EchoEcho’s Varaa Round Dining Table: a 140cm celebration of design and function. Its inviting shape enhances sociability and space, while the durable GFRC material and ivory hue blend natural elegance with practicality—ideal for stylish, inclusive dining.