Discover your Color:

Immerse yourself in the Akune dining chair’s palette, where each color tells its own story. ‘Sunbaked’ captures the essence of lazy afternoons, ‘Acajou’ mirrors the depth of mahogany, ‘Frou Frou’ adds a whimsical touch, and ‘Evergreen’ embodies nature’s timeless elegance. Each hue infuses your dining space with unique personality and charm.

Comfort in Every Curve:

Experience the embrace of the Akune chair, where comfort is king. Its double cushion design cradles you in a cocoon of softness, perfect for long dinner conversations or a quick, cozy coffee break. The Akune isn’t just a chair; it’s a haven in your dining area, inviting you to relax in its plush, welcoming upholstery.

Choose Your Spin:

The Akune chair stands on a trio of playful Turn bases – the bold Turn Black, the clean Turn White, and the natural Turn Oak. More than just supports, these bases bring a twist of fun. Rotate 360 degrees with auto return, perfect for engaging in lively conversations or effortlessly reaching for that second helping. The Akune’s base is where playful design meets everyday practicality, transforming it into an interactive, dynamic part of your dining experience.

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Acajou, Evergreen, Sunbaked


Jesper Home

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Beige, Brown, Grey, White

Akune – Revolve White

Get comfy with the Akune dining chair, where style meets comfort! Adorned in shades like the toasty Sunbaked, warm Acajou, perky Frou Frou, and lush Evergreen, it offers a cozy seating experience. Its double cushioning promises relaxation. The unique frames, available in Turn Black, Turn White, and Turn Oak, add a playful twist, allowing the chair to rotate 360° – because why settle for just one view? The Akune is a fun addition to any dining area!