Natural Curvature

Introducing the Misato dining chair, a chair with a distinctive curvature in the backrest that embraces you with its natural shape. This unique curvature allows you to rest your elbows lightly on the backrest. The seat of the Misato has a beautiful rounded shape that enhances the comfort of this chair and complements the backrest.

Fresh Colors

The upholstery of the Misato chair comes in four different fresh colors. Choose from Yellow, Terracotta, Natural (pink), and Green, adding a touch of color to your interior. Whether you’re looking for a striking accent or a subtle addition to your dining room, the Misato chair offers plenty of options.

Comfort and Functionality

The Misato dining chair is not only a beautiful example of contemporary design, but it also features convenient functionalities. The metal frame of the Misato chair is matte black, adding a modern touch to the overall look. Additionally, the Misato chair is equipped with a 360-degree swivel function with an auto return system, allowing you to easily rotate and return to the original position.

The organic design perfectly complements a modern interior. Choose the Misato dining chair if you’re seeking a chair that is both functional and stylish.

Additional information


Jesper Home

Color family

Grey, Pink, Terracotta, Yellow


The Misato dining chair boasts a contemporary design and added convenience. Its black metal frame includes a 360-degree swivel function with auto return, allowing you to easily rotate and return to the original position.