Comfort and Sleek Lines

Look at the Myoko dining chair, and you’ll see a beautiful, generous chair that exudes comfort and practically invites you to sit down. We affectionately call this comfortable chair Majestic Myoko.

Two-Tone Upholstery

The seat of the Myoko features a well-distributed foam layer that strikes the perfect balance between firmness and softness. Sturdy armrests and a straight backrest ensure proper sitting posture with ample support. The seat is upholstered with two different fabrics in contrasting colors, creating a playful contrast while maintaining unity through neutral tones.

The Myoko comes in two variants. Popeye features a deep green backside with a soft beige interior, while Sandy Hill has a sandy-colored backside and a pearl-cream interior.

Choose Your Own Base
Combine the Myoko dining chair with a base of your choice! This allows you to customize your own chair: choose one of the color variants for your favorite seat and combine it with one of the twenty possible bases. You have the option of a Slide frame – elegant lines, Cross frame – playful lines, Turn frame – 180-degree swivel with auto-return function, or Beehive frame – mirrored hexagon.
Each base is made of high-quality metal and is available in a matte black or white finish, matte stainless steel, matte gold, or matte rose. The Myoko dining chair is easy to assemble.

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Popeye, Sandy Hill


Jesper Home

Color family

Cream, Green

Myoko – Slide Black

Hello, Myoko. Our grande dame among dining chairs, offers comfort and even looks comfortable. That can’t go wrong. The spacious seat and sturdy armrests ensure optimal seating pleasure. Take a seat!