Four colours: which one suits you?

Step into a realm where color meets comfort with the Sasue dining chair. Choose from the deep, resonant tones of Luster Liver, the gentle neutrality of Ecru Through and Through, the serene depth of Sure Azure, or the lively radiance of Oh My Ochre. Each hue is carefully selected to complement your dining area, enhancing the ambiance with its unique character.

Light design

The Sasue chair isn’t just about sitting; it’s about embracing a design that elevates your dining experience. Its sleek silhouette is a testament to modern craftsmanship, offering a balance between aesthetic appeal and physical ease. The chair’s design incorporates a thoughtful approach to space, light, and movement, ensuring it blends seamlessly with your dining area’s overall feel.

Customize by choosing the base

Functionality is at the heart of the Sasue dining chair, grounded by its innovative base options. With the Turn Black and Turn White frames, you get a refined metal finish, while the Turn Oak offers a touch of organic warmth. Each base features a clever 360-degree rotation with auto-return mechanism, adding a layer of versatility and interaction to your seating experience. This fusion of form and function ensures that the Sasue chair stands as an integral part of your dining space, ready to complement every gathering with ease and flair.

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Luster Liver, Oh My Ochre, Sure Azure


Jesper Home

Color family

Beige, Grey, White, Yellow

Sasue – Revolve Black

Swivel in style with our Sasue dining chair – it’s not just a seat, it’s a statement! Choose from 4 different fabrics; the cheeky charm of ‘Luster Liver’, the pure vibes of ‘Ecru Through and Through’, the serene splash of ‘Sure Azure’, or the vibrant spark of ‘Oh My Ochre’. Customize your own chair by combining your favorite seat with one of our three bases. Set atop our Turn Black, Turn White, or Turn Oak frames, this chair brings a playful twist to any dining scene. And talk about flexibility – with a 360-degree rotatable base that automatically turns back, you’ll be the life of the dinner party. Spin, match, and show off your taste with Sasue!