The Luusar Sofa from EchoEcho

The Luusar sofa from EchoEcho is all about comfortable and contemporary design. It comes in three colors: a deep Copperfield, a soft Violetta, and a dark Graphite, so you can pick what looks best in your space.

This sofa is part of the Luusar collection, which includes a 3-seater, accent chair, and hocker. They’re all covered in a soft-feel 100% polyester fabric. Each one chosen to enhance the visual appeal of your living space.

Friendly Shape and Comfy Design

The sofa has a friendly shape, with round comfy armrests and cushions that are just right for sinking into. It’s made to be a key piece in your living area, where it’s not just about looking good but also about being comfortable.

Whether you get just the sofa or the whole set with the chair and hocker, the Luusar sofa is a great choice for anyone who wants a comfy place to sit without giving up on a modern look. It’s built to be relaxing and to make any room feel more like home.

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Antracit, Brown, Purple


Echo Echo

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Brown, Grey, Purple

Luusar – 3-seat

Discover the Luusar sofa by EchoEcho, where comfort meets contemporary design. Available in Copperfield, Violetta, and Graphite, this 100% polyester-upholstered sofa is a staple of the Luusar collection.