Cute and Opulent

You might think we’re talking dogs here, but nothing is further from the truth: we’re talking furniture. Cuddly, comfy, sumptuous furniture. The Nachii stool might be small in size but makes up for that in charm and extravagance. Behold, Nachii easily becomes the centrepiece in your home.

Plush and plump

The Nachii series include the stool; the bench; and the lounge chair. Each piece is covered with the most soft and plump upholstery. The fabric consists of 100% polyester yarn with a soft, durable finish. Be embraced and amazed by the Nachii series.

In three natural colors: plush Mud, plush Moss and plush Wheat.

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Plush Moss, Plush Mud, Plush Wheat


Echo Echo

Color family

Beige, Brown, Grey

Nachii Stool

I never imagined a stool could be so luxurious until Nachii made its entrance. Don’t let its size deceive you, the Nachii stool exudes extravagance.