Experience the robust elegance and thoughtful design of the Varaa 210cm Dining Table

from EchoEcho, a piece that radiates craftsmanship and durability. This table, meticulously crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), represents an innovation in the furniture industry, where strength and aesthetics go hand in hand.

The 210-centimeter-long table is finished in a natural ivory color that not only exudes warmth but also brings a sense of clarity and space to any dining room. The subtle color variations, resulting from the use of natural gray and white cement, ensure that no two tables are exactly alike, making each Varaa table a unique piece of furniture.

No paints are used in the manufacturing of this table, preserving the authentic color of the material and contributing to the table’s sustainability. The protective top coat on the tabletop provides not just a subtle sheen but also extra protection against daily use, making the table easy to maintain.

The Varaa dining table is more than just a functional item; it is a statement piece

that, with its sleek lines and organic look, effortlessly integrates into various interior styles, from modern to traditional. Whether you are enjoying a family dinner or a convivial gathering with friends, this table guarantees comfort, style, and durability, designed to be the centerpiece of many memorable moments. Add a touch of timeless elegance to your dining area with the Varaa 210cm Dining Table from EchoEcho.

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Vaaraa Dining Table – Oval (210cm)

Discover the robust elegance of EchoEcho’s Varaa 210cm dining table. Expertly crafted from GFRC material with a natural ivory finish, this table offers a sleek, paint-free design. Sealed for durability, it’s a statement of timeless sophistication for any interior.