Presenting the Yahiko Side Table

A masterpiece of the Yahiko collection by EchoEcho. At an elegant height of 51 cm, it’s available in the deep Midnight Gloss Blue and the vibrant Burgundy Gloss Red, exuding sophistication in every shade.

The glossy finish not only enhances its visual allure but also highlights its smooth, touchable surface. Constructed to be both sturdy and versatile, it can seamlessly integrate into various spaces as a companion to your sofa or as a distinctive bedside piece.

The table’s rich colors are designed to stand out, with the Midnight Gloss Blue imparting a tranquil ambiance and the Burgundy Gloss Red adding a touch of boldness. Its inclusion in the Yahiko collection signifies a commitment to modern design and premium craftsmanship, as seen across all EchoEcho products.

For a harmonious ensemble, consider pairing this side table with the Yahiko Midnight Gloss Coffee Table or the Yahiko Burgundy Gloss Coffee Table. Or, for a more varied texture profile, the Yahiko Canvas Coffee Table makes an excellent counterpart. Each piece within the Yahiko collection ensures a continuity of style and elegance, enabling an effortless blend within your living space.

Elevate your interior with the Yahiko Side Table, where every detail is a nod to contemporary finesse.

Additional information


Burgundy Gloss, Midnight Gloss


Echo Echo

Color family

Blue, Red

Yahiko Side Table 51H

Introducing the Yahiko Side Table: a chic piece in Midnight Gloss Blue or Burgundy Gloss Red, standing at a height of 51 cm. This EchoEcho brand addition from the Yahiko collection brings a vibrant touch to any room. Pair with the collection’s coffee tables for a cohesive aesthetic.