The Kushi chair is simple, stylish, and smart – it will find its place in any interior. Pair the Kushi dining chair with beautiful natural materials such as wood and natural stone to fully showcase its design potential.

The Kushi chair is available in five colors: Sweet Corn (yellow), Ocean Eyes (blue), Black-Out (black), Desert Dunes (light beige), and Ivory Ivy (cream). In addition, the Kushi is offered in two Special Edition colors: Trouty Tinge and Skyfall. Just because we’re so fond of Kushi’s design. Each color has its own characteristics but we find them all equally stunning! If you can’t decide or want to add an element of surprise, consider opting for two colors. It can create a beautiful and unexpected combination.

The upholstery of the Kushi seat is made of high-quality polyester/nylon that is durable and colorfast. Despite the robust nature of the fabric, it looks and feels inviting and wonderfully soft. Additionally, the fabric has a bonus feature: it is stain-resistant. Say what?! Yes, for real: the fabric has been treated to repel liquids, dirt, and dust. Smart, right?

Pick Your Own Base

Combine the Kushi dining chair with a base of your choice! This way, you can customize your own chair: choose one of the color variations and pair your favorite seat with one of twenty-five possible bases.

Options include:

  • Slide frame: Elegant interplay of lines
  • Cross frame: Playful line design
  • Turn frame: 180-degree swivel with auto-return function
  • Beehive frame: Mirrored hexagon

Each base is crafted from high-quality metal and is available in finishes of matte black or white, matte stainless steel, matte gold, and matte rose gold.

Additionally, the popular Turn frame is available in four more colorful options: beige, brown, mint and peach.

You can also opt for mobility and choose the Glide frame: a base with rotating caster wheels, in matte black metal.

The Kushi dining chair is easy to assemble.

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Kushi – Beehive Gold

With the Kushi dining chair, you bring timeless design into your home. The bucket seat has slightly round shapes and features a uniform foam padding that provides plenty of comfort. The armrest flares out slightly, offering good support.