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The Niimi chair showcases an extraordinary fusion of functionality and contemporary finesse. Far from being just another seat, the Niimi is a versatile icon available in a palette of four fabric colors: the rich Marron, the tranquil Pure Pale, the understated Saving Greige, and the decadent Perfect Plum. Each shade is selected for its ability to enhance a wide array of decorative schemes.

Complementing the fabric choices are three frame finishes: the bold and modern Revolve Black, the pristine Revolve White, and the naturally warm Revolve Oak. These options cater to different stylistic preferences, whether you’re seeking a statement piece or something to harmonize with your current décor.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Niimi chair is engineered for functionality, boasting a 360-degree swivel mechanism with an auto-return feature, marrying ergonomic design with convenience.

The Niimi’s design considers both comfort and style. The curvaceous seat and supportive backrest promise a cozy retreat, while the tripod-style base promises enduring stability. The contrast of sleek lines and rich materials underscores Jesper Home’s commitment to excellence and innovation in design.

Ideal for diverse settings, from corporate to homely, the Niimi chair is a signature piece that embodies comfort, elegance, and versatility—ready to enhance any space with its unique charm.

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Marron, Perfect Plum, Pure Pale, Saving Greige


Jesper Home

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Brown, Grey, Purple, White

Niimi – Revolve Oak Natural

The Niimi chair combines style and comfort. Available in four colors: Marron, Pure Pale, Saving Greige, and Perfect Plum fabrics. Each chair features a 360-degree swivel mechanism with auto-return, in three finishes: Black, White and Natural Oak.